Backup Gmail and Google Apps with Gmail Backup

Tue, Nov 11, 2008


Backup Gmail and Google Apps with Gmail Backup

I’m a huge fan of Gmail and Google Apps.  I use Gmail for all of my personal emails and I use Google Apps for all email. Many small businesses are using Google Apps and I think it’s a great solution. One of the scary aspects of it however, is that everything is hosted by Google and you are at their mercy. Grant it I don’t see Google going of business soon, shutting down accounts, or losing your data.

In this digital age though you can never be too careful with your data storage. I always backup all of my important data to multiple locations and media. Until now I had yet to see a good easy solution to backup my Gmail and Google Apps email.

I found some old articles on Lifehacker explaining how to use Thunderbird or another mail client to POP down Gmail data. Then I saw that the featured download was maybe exactly what I was looking for Gmail Backup. Here is the original article from Lifehacker which provides a good overview of the software.

This software is now in the final stages of development. However, the software is available for download, it’s free, and for me it’s worked perfectly. There is a PC, Mac, and Linux version available. The installation is quick and painless. Use of the program is extremely easy. The only prerequisite is that you have IMAP enabled in your Gmail/Apps settings. All labels are preserved and the software will do incremental backups.

Let me know how it works for you!

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  1. Ahmed Hobaran Says:

    Can you provide some more details on this?

  2. Andy Puckett Says:

    Sure Ahmed. What details would you like clarification on?

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