How Much Money to Spend On Your Website

Wed, Oct 29, 2008

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How Much Money to Spend On Your Website

Save Frustration By Planning Ahead How Much You Want to Spend

Before you go and talk to a bunch of web designers and developers you need to take a serious look at how much money you can afford to spend on your website.

This is important because when you go to a web development firm or freelance designer, they are going to be trying to feel out how much your willing to spend and may try to talk you in to going with a preset solution that they offer for X dollars.

Figure out how much you can honestly spend and still feel good about your investment. This way when you begin to prospect potential agencies or freelancers you know going in what you can afford and what you can’t. This will save time for both you and them when you begin to discuss your project.

It’s Okay Take Baby Steps Towards Your Business Goal

Remember in the previous post we talked about achieving a business goal with your website. Sometimes you may have to take a baby step towards your goal. This is not a bad thing. A baby step can enable you to spend less initially and “feel out” any pros and cons of working with a company or individual.

The step to take will depend on your particular goal, but most firms will be more than happy to do this as they will also be concerned about what kind of client you are going to be. You will need to get some consultation with a web professional who can help you decide what a good first step would be to help you meet your goal. Ask me I’ll be happy to help!

You Get What You Pay For

In most cases you will get what you pay for. Your website is not something I recommend you skimp on. Sure there are low budget routes you can take, but you have to remember that your site is an extension of your business. Your website should embody your values, service/product, and professionalism. It is a powerful extension that can be a competitive advantage or it can be a weakness.

You can have a good site or a bad site. A bad site will actually hurt your reputation and drive away business. People will form an opinion of your business from your website, just as they do when they meet you in person, talk to you on the phone, see your TV commercial or newspaper ad.

Think about how much you may be willing to spend on these other media, if you do it right your website or blog can far outweigh these older mediums in the bang that you get for your buck.

Don’t Go Cheapo

If you have a lot of experience with web technologies then you may be able to save some money and do some work yourself. Otherwise, you need to rely on web professionals to get the job done and ensure that things are done right. This ensures that you get a quality site or blog that embodies your brand and takes a step towards accomplishing your business goals.

This post is the third post in the series The Path to Online Success for Your Business.

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